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Brands of web based solutions for general shopping systems, general purpose web design, and insurance websites and monthly search engine optimization (SEO) services.

  • We offer general website development and online marketing for many types of companies. Our Logo for Agency Eagle -
  • We also have extensive experience in insurance agency website design, development and backend business management system

Organic search engine optimization –

This is not an easy feat.  In order to be found organically on the web with crawlers like Google you must have unique content and it needs to be fresh.  We offer monthly packages to write such content for your business and keep you high in search ranking for the terms that you want.

Back link strategies – Another technique we use in organic search marketing is back linking for clients.  This means that we work manually reaching out to related websites to our clients product or service and ask them to link to our clients page.  This is highly instrumental in raising the organic search listings of our clients.

Organic search takes time to be “found” by engines –  You can expect 12-24 weeks of lead time for popular search engines to find your site and index you fully.  The old proverb says the journey of 1,000 step begins with the first.  This is true with organic growth.  You must start now to have a harvest in the next months.  Think and plan for the terms that your CUSTOMERS are likely  to look for your services by and then combine that thinking with a search engine or website consultant to guide you.

Can I do this myself? – Yes you can.  We can show you how to modify and keep fresh your articles from your desktop or your smart phone.  You can drive traffic for that new product or service you offer your self!  Contact us if you feel your hosting company is not giving you the options that you want to manage your site.  We are glad to help you.

Contact me via my contact page or these sites to learn more about these web based solutions to your marketing and business management systems.